Long Lasting Plastic Jerry Cans

Whether you need plastic jerry cans for your car, your next camping trip or for your home, The Plastic Man supplies containers in a wide range of sizes and for all types of applications. We have food safe cans you can use to store potable water or cooking oils as well as tough heavy-duty models you can store in your vehicle in case you ever run out of petrol or need to refill your radiator. Whatever you’re looking for, The Plastic Man has something for you.

Plastic jerry cans for a variety of uses

Plastic jerry cans offer many versatile uses. Avid campers and 4x4 drivers understand the necessity of high-quality plastic jerry cans. These plastic storage containers act as easy-pour solutions for water, oils and other liquids for food or even for spare fuel. Our jerry cans come in a variety of sizes from collapsible to sturdy, square 25 litre jugs.

Attach a small tap or pouring nozzle to easily turn your jerry can into a drinking water facility or simply fit the screw top cap and use them as a transportable storage container. The large handles make plastic jerry cans ideal for travel or emergency situations. Carrying 25 litres of water is easier with a large, easy to grip handle.

Our collapsible range includes 5, 10 and 20 litre models. These food grade water containers are great for keeping in your car for emergencies or for camping trips where you want to keep your load light. As lightweight and compact storage containers, these provide you with a space saving way to have access to fresh water or fuel in emergencies.

Not all jerry cans are large in size! We also stock a range of smaller options which are great for the garage and home. We offer a range of 1 litre and 2 litre options which are fantastic for storing important car fluids such as brake, radiator or transmission fluids. These smaller containers are also perfect for the laundry, safely storing cleaning chemicals in tight, strong containers.

Browse our range of plastic jerry cans today

If you need any further information on our range of plastic jerry cans or any of our other products, please do not hesitate to contact us now. You can reach us on 03 9580 8992 or send a quick email to sales@theplasticman.com.au.