Tamper Evident Buckets

Get Your Tamper Evident Buckets from Us

You may not have considered the benefits of tamper evident buckets, but if you work in the hospitality or paint industries, they are an invaluable product. When your reputation is on the line, you want to ensure that the products you supply arrive at their destination without external forces tampering with the contents. That’s why tamper evident buckets are designed to notify your customer that the items they are receiving have arrived without any meddling between them and the supplier. The Plastic Man supplies a wide range of tamper evident buckets for a range of different industries – find out how our products can benefit your business by reaching out to our friendly team.

Ensure the Safety of Your Product with Tamper Evident Storage

From 1L buckets all the way up to 25L, The Plastic Man has the tamper evident solution for you. Many customers use our products to ensure that the products they transport remain untarnished during the journey, and to ensure that safety criteria is met if evidence of tampering has occurred. This in controlled by a tab in the lid of the bucket that must be broken in order to access the products inside. If the tab is broken before it arrives at its destination it indicates that it has been opened at some time during transportation.

Another valuable use of tamper evident buckets is for fundraisers and charity events where donations are collected in different locations before being sent back to the main headquarters.

A Reputable Supplier of Tamper Evident Buckets

As well as tamper evident buckets, The Plastic Man also supplies pallet bins, standard buckets and vented crates, so ask us how we can help you. We can be reached with questions on (03) 9580 8992 or fill out our simple enquiry form.