Don't buy the wrong crates!!! Plastic storage crates are manufactured in many types and all shapes and sizes which can make choosing the right crate quite complicated.

The following information is provided is to help you choose the best plastic storage crate, tote or container for your requirements.

Our sales team can offer advice based on many years experience of matching customer's requirements to crates from our range. Please telephone or email us. We will endeavour to find the best suited storage solution for you. Alternatively for more information please read our introduction to the various types of storage products available:


* Small: Designed for small parts picking & components storage. Often used with storage racks or shelves.

* Medium: For all general purpose storage, distribution, automated and manual handling (as long as manual handling is within safe weight regulations). Available in a large range of sizes and mostly rectangular in shape. Depth can vary greatly from very shallow to as deep as length of box. Some boxes are designed to be modular (e.g. 2 small sized boxes will stack on a large size)

* Large: For High volume, bulk & all big capacity requirements. Static / mobile storage tanks for storage of liquids, solids, waste. Suitable for internal / external use. Pallet sized plastic containers and collapsible bulk boxes for storage and distribution / transport. These are designed for easy


All of our storage products are made from plastic with nearly all being either a type of Polyethylene or Polypropylene. The strength of the material comes from the density / type plastic used and the design of the box. Reinforced bases, sides and corners provide extra strength & rigidity therefore increasing loading capacity. All of these factors also influence how well the box protects contents / resists damage to impacts.

Strength needs to be considered as a priority when buying any box, tote or container. Also the box has to perform well enough for the task in mind. E.g. a lightweight material box is no good for building sites / van distribution. If the contents are heavy there is a need for a box with a reinforced base, which will adequately support the load


Nearly all of our plastic boxes, totes and containers stack securely on top of each other, this is essential for safe storage in a warehouse or transport on a vehicle or pallet.

The Australian Standard Range (ASR) of boxes are designed on a modular system, meaning two smaller boxes will stack on one larger and so on.

Most industrial boxes and ASR boxes are designed to fit exactly onto standard size or pallets, ensuring optimum handling and maximising use of space in the warehouse or when transported. The maximum stacking height and loading capacity of any plastic box or container will depend on weight of stored items and strength of material and design of box. This must be considered when planning highly stacked storage with heavy contents. Failure to do this can lead to possible collapse of the box with potential dangerous consequences.

Storage when not in use / Nestability

A great advantage of most plastic storage boxes is their ability to save space when not in use. Nesting is when one box will go inside the other when empty therefore only taking up a fraction of the space.

Nesting boxes are ideal for distribution or warehouse storage as these containers use approx 60-80% less space when nested. Ideal for when not in use in the warehouse or on return transport, therefore offering a potential saving on distribution costs.

Various boxes stack or nest in different ways, some containers are designed with bale arms, which swing out to support stacked boxes but otherwise nest if these are not in place. Attached lid boxes stack with lids closed and nest inside each other with the lids open alongside the box.

The final common method is where the shape of the box is moulded in such a way that swivelling the box 180 degrees will allow easy stacking or nesting.


Most containers, boxes and totes are open topped unless otherwise specified on our website. Lids are ideal for extra protection or for keeping contents secure. Lids are available for many boxes and these are available in various types.

Attached lid containers ensure the lid can never be lost. These can either be hinged on one side, normally with catches to secure in place, or split down the middle into two hinged halves, this type allows easy stacking / nesting as above.

Drop on lids are the norm for all Australian stacking containers, tanks and large bulk containers and pallet boxes.


Ventilated boxes are required for applications when contents require breathing or drainage. Examples can be wet contents or fresh items such as produce. Ventilated boxes are commonly referred to as crates.

Crates can be supplied with a ventilated base, ventilated sides or a combination of the two when maximum airflow / drainage is required.

Colour & Visibility

Industrial containers are normally produced in black or natural as standard. Some items have colour options and these are always highlighted on our website, there may be a minimum order quantity on some colours.

Coloured containers can be used as a basis for a colour coding system for contents or process stage identification. Obviously a range of colours can also be used for aesthetic reasons.

We also supply different ranges of boxes and totes in clear transparent plastic. Obvious benefits are visibility and easy identification of contents without having to access the box.


We can offer a range of plastic boxes that can give an extra level of security for more valuable contents. Some attached lid boxes can be supplied with padlock holes to stop the lid from being able to be opened. This can be ideal for distribution purposes. If higher value items are being stored we have ranges of plastic boxes and trunks from our big boxes range that feature in-built padlock fittings or fitted locks.

Food Grade Storage

Most of our boxes and containers are manufactured from material that is food grade and suitable for fresh or unwrapped food stuffs. The only exception is recycled material boxes, which are black in colour and not suitable for any food grade storage. If in doubt please ask us for advice.

Labelling and Printing

Some of our box and container ranges feature specific areas for labelling of contents. These can include drop-in slots, Perspex covered label holders and dimpled areas that allow easy removing of labels after use.

We can also offer logo and text printing directly onto some ranges of boxes. This can assist with identification and also branding when a logo, web address etc. is used.

Automatic HandlingMost of our industrial boxes and totes feature smooth bases which allows the box or container to move efficiently through an automated handling system.

Handling and Mobility

We offer dollies or skates to aid handling of containers or boxes. These consist of a rigid frame with four heavy duty castors and are designed to provide easy manoeuvrability to single or stacked boxes. We offer four plastic trunks from our big boxes range with in-built wheels and handle. These are ideal for handling and transporting heavier items over long distances or during travel / on rough services. Many of our large bulk containers and pallet tanks also feature large in built castors which can assist greatly in moving heavy high capacity loads around a warehouse or outside area.