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Heavy Duty Crates

SUPER HEAVY DUTY, Solid heavy duty crates with optional lids. All colours are food approved except for black. Extremely tough and very durable. These are so strong you can throw them up in the air 3m and they will just bounce off the concrete floor. They are stackable with or without the lids on and also they nest inside each other when not in use or full. This crate is lockable with the lid on by cable tie or padlock This product also has a dolly if you require it

Logistics Boxes

Heavy Duty logistics box made from tough industrial strength P.E. Suitable for a wide variety of industrial and commercial uses. They have an optional heavy duty metal trolley with wheels available for easy moving. This storage box is super strong, large and perfect for commercial applications. Stackable on top of each other across the whole range

Round Screw Top Packaging Jars and Containers

Plastic screw-top jar. Perfect for packaging or storing food products. Ribbed lid for easy grip. Excellent quality and great value for money.

Jerry Cans for Water, Chemical or Fuel Storage in many sizes and models like Cubes

Jerry cans for storage of liquid and chemicals. Some have removable bungs so you can put a tap on for easy pouring. All safe for drinking water and made from HDPE. The full range is food approved. Comes with screw on sealable cap and the jerry cans have an inbuilt handle at top for easy transportation.

Honey Buckets

Translucent bucket with sealable lid. Used for storing honey, sauces or just about anything. Great value product. Easy to use, clean and move around. Nice and lightweight and reusable. 100% food grade and made in Australia

Hobby Boxes and Milk Crates

Heavy duty Hobby Boxes and Milk Crates in 5 colours. Great for stacking on top of each other. Perfect everyday storage box. Easy carry handles. Ideal for a variety of storage needs. These crates are ideal for general storage and are square, interlocking and stackable crates most suitable to be used in transporting products around or any type of storage application

Measuring Jugs & Cups Heavy Duty

All-Purpose tough polypropylene big capacity measuring jugs. Accurate easy to read measurements. Great for mixing chemicals and other liquids.

Tamper Evident Buckets

Heavy duty food grade bucket with tamper evident lids. Perfect for anything from packaging food to mixing paints and resins. Comes with strong heavy duty metal or plastic handle so they will not break. This is a commercial food grade buckets for all industry use.

Plastic Round and Square Bottles, Spray Bottles, Twin Chamber Bottles and Sauce Bottles

These heavy duty plastic bottles are designed and constructed to withstand the rigorous pressures of transportation and distribution. The plastic bottles are made from high-density polyethene (HDPE) material and is ideal for a wide variety of storage applications from product samples to finished goods. The Twin chamber measuring bottles are ideal for mixing ratios with calibrated graded measuring. The Spray bottles have trigger nozzles. Heavy duty and built to last. Suitable for most liquids. The sauce bottles are great for general kitchen use. Has wide open mouth to pour sauce into easily. Durable and designed for commercial kitchen use.

Store Me & Action Packer Crates

Suitable for everyday storage. Comes with handles which clip over the lid to secure it on. Has a big top lid for extra room or to fit oversized goods. These are a good looking long lasting storage box designed for everyday use. These storage boxes as very strong and long-lasting. The lids are reinforced in all four corners and round the lip so they will not break. You can stack this ontop of each other and also nest them inside each other when not in use Action Packer Tough Crate for general storage. Clip down big top lid. Excellent quality and built to last. These are stackable with the lid on and also nest inside each other when not in use.

Blue Basins

Heavy Duty Basin in multiple sizes. Super strong and built to last. Stackable on top of each other. Great for storing bits and pieces.

The Plastic Man Promotional Animation

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The Plastic Man Commercial C.1992

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