Durable and Accurate Measuring Cups and Jugs

No kitchen, chemical lab or mechanic shop is complete without quality measuring jugs, cups and funnels. Measuring cups can be used to effectively measure the right quantities of flour needed for baking or the right amount of liquids needed to top up a car’s oil. Whatever you need measuring jugs for, The Plastic Man has an appropriate product for you.

Our measuring jugs range from 100ml in size to a massive 5000ml option. We also range measuring jugs with lids to safely store items in the fridge or pantry. These products are ideal for storing pre-mixed drinks such as cordial for the family or even for storing cereals in the pantry. Measuring cups are also ideal items to accurately measure cooking ingredients with. Made from appropriate food grade materials these measuring cups are designed with pouring spouts to increase their effectiveness and ease of use.

Heavy duty measuring cups for a range of industries

We also stock a great range of heavy duty measuring cups. These heavy duty measuring cups are constructed of tough polypropylene. These tough and durable cups are ideal for chemical mixing and repeated use. Our heavy duty measuring cups range from 100ml to 5000ml in capacity. We stock narrow 100ml measuring jugs perfect for chemical measurements and school science kits. The shape and size of this product makes it ideal for educational experiments in a supervised setting.

The auto industry is a prime example of where our measuring jugs can be found. Our Pourer Jug 5lt and the Pourer Jug Flexi 1lt are made from heavy duty materials. They are tough, durable and have unique pouring spouts that are perfect for use in the auto industry. The Flexi jug is ideal for pouring liquids into small areas such as a radiator or for battery maintenance. We also offer a range of plastic jerry cans perfect for the auto industry.

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When you need to ensure your quantities are exactly right or you need a simply easy pour jug, The Plastic Man has a product to suit your requirements. If you want to know more about our products, please do not hesitate to contact us now on 03 9580 8992 or send an email to sales@theplasticman.com.au.