Ocean Bound Crates

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How is ocean bound plastic processed and recycled?

Ocean bound plastic is plastic waste that is collected and processed before it hits the ocean's shore or from the shoreline itself. The processing of ocean bound plastic prevents hundreds of thousands of tonnes of waste that could pollute waterways and the ocean and threaten the life of wildlife that inhabitthem.

1) Collection of plastic waste
Plastic waste items including PET bottles, food containers and soft plastics are collected from the ocean shoreline and surrounding areas before they enter the water. 

2) Plastics sorting by type
Once transported to a processing facility, plastic waste is then sorted using automation (robotics) by plastic type for further processing.

3) Plastics cleaning and sanitisation
Once sorted, the plastic waste is then washed and sanitised to ensure its safe for reuse. This step ensures products made from ocean bound plastic are safe as well as sustainable.

4) Plastic pelletisation
Sanitsed plastic waste is then ground up into flakes and pelletised, which is the process of forming small pellets used in the injection moulding process.

5) Injection Mouding
Ocean bound plastic resin pellets are used in the injection moulding process to create sustainable and durable, Australian made products. 

6) Sustainable, Recycled plastic products
Purchasing products made from ocean bound plastic supports a circular economy and supports the idea that we need to protect our oceans and make more sustainable choices as consumers.